A. Widjaja: Untitled (1950s) Watercolour and Gouache

The watercolour was stained and discoloured. Surface grime marred the support and was embedded in the impasto areas of the media. Severe vertical planar distortions were present along the upper half of the watercolour. Small brown spots stained the artwork and were especially pronounced in the upper half of the sheet. Surface abrasion was present at the lower left quardrant of the artwork. The watercolour was adhered to a secondary support at four points with animal glue. Once the secondary support was mechanically removed, the verso of the artwork could be examined. The verso was discoloured overall  with stains at all four corners from oxidised animal glue residue. The oxidised adhesive residue was reduced using a poultice of methyl cellulose paste. The watercolour was humidified under pressure, and washed via partial immersion in calcium hydroxide. Soluble degradation products and discolouration were reduced, and insoluble acids in the support neutralised.

Condition report and technical examination
Treatment proposal
Treatment report

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