Edme Jean Pigal: Les gorets! (1820s) hand-coloured lithograph, Chatsworth print collection © Duke of Devonshire, 2014.

The hand-coloured lithograph was severely discoloured where it was not covered by a mount or frame. Surface grime marred the print; additional brown accretions were present along the margins. Multiple tears, losses and pin-hole sized punctures were also present along the edges of the print. The print was surface cleaned using grated eraser shavings. It was humidified and washed to neutralise the acids in the paper, and remove soluble degradation products. Tears and losses were pulp filled, improving both the aesthetic and structural stability of the print. To protect the print during storage, a clamshell folder was made to the specifications of the print.

Condition report and technical examination
Treatment proposal
Treatment report

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