Conservation Treatment
The studio offers conservation treatment of works on paper including historic and contemporary material. Some of these are drawings (chalk, charcoal, pen and ink), paintings on paper (watercolors), pastels, prints (etchings, engravings, and lithographs), Western illuminated manuscripts on parchment and paper, Indian and Islamic paintings, papyrus, ephemera, maps, scrolls, and documents.

Common problems that can be treated include:
– Stabilization and long term preservation of works on paper
– Removal of surface dirt and grime
– Reducing planar distortions, undulations, and creases
– Mending tears and losses in paper
– Tape and adhesive removal
– Reducing the appearance of stains and discoloration on paper
– Consolidation of friable media

Collection Assessment and Surveys
The studio offers item-level surveys, examining objects within a collection to determine condition, conservation needs, and recommendations for housing and storage.

The process
1. Arrange a consultation
We offer a free consultation at the studio where we can discuss the care of your artwork (approx 15 min). Should examination and treatment be recommended, you can leave your artwork for an in-depth examination and report.

2. After your artwork is thoroughly examined and documented, you will be given a condition report for the object, and a treatment proposal with a cost estimate.

3. Once the proposal and estimate is approved by the client, treatment will commence.

4. When treatment is completed, a full treatment report with after treatment documentation will be provided to the client.

Please note that it is often difficult to accurately predict how long a treatment will take. If it becomes apparent mid-treatment that the project will take considerably longer than anticipated, the client will be consulted with any price variations before continuing. Similarly, if a treatment takes less time than estimated, the final price will be adjusted accordingly. 

Initial ~15 minute consultation: Free
Examination/documentation: $100/hr
Treatment: $120/hr
Examination, surveys, and treatment on site: $150/hr*

*Not inclusive of travel costs which vary per treatment